2016 Ballon d’Or – Messi vs. Ronaldo (Week 15)

This week, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo ave been shutout statistically wise. No goal, no assist. This leaves us with the following numbers since January 01st. We count all competitions such club competitions and country competitive games and friendlies.

In La Liga, Cristiano Ronaldo has scored one goal and two assists this Saturday, at home, against Eibar in a 4-0 win for Real Madrid, while Lionel Messi was shutout once again, at la Real Sociedad, with a 1-0 defeat for the Catalan giants.

So far, Messi leads in every aspect of the game and is on course to win a sixth Ballon d’Or. Of course, we are still way early. (In bold, the leading statistic).

Lionel Messi 25 games 25 goals 10 assist 3 trophies available
Cristiano Ronaldo 20 games 19 goals 8 assists 1 trophy available
Total Messi 5 games Messi 6 goals Messi 2 assists Messi 2 trophies

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