Messi vs. Ronaldo (Golden Ball / Ballon d’Or 2016) – Week 17

Another week and two games in La Liga BBVA except for the Portuguese international who is currently on the sideline with a thigh injury and is a doubt for this week’s match vs. Manchester City FC, at the Etihad Stadium, in their first leg of the Champions League semifinal.

Lionel Messi took advantage. The table below will tell us where each of them currently stands:

From January 1st to April 24th, 2016 (in all competitions, friendlies included):

L. Messi 28 games 28 goals 13 assists 2 trophies available
C. Ronaldo 23 games 23 goals 8 assists 2 trophies available
Total Messi 5 games Messi 5 goals Messi 5 assists Tie

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